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Ms. Wong's Brainiac Challenge!

This is a challenge for those who want to go "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. The goal is simply to foster the joy of being an independent, lifelong learner. You can earn up to 100 points.  When you earn 15 points, you will make it on the list of the Brainiacs Company Hall of Fame, where your name will live forever in cyberspace (provided the site is active) or until I retire.  A surprise at the end of the year awaits those who have earned at least a Director status. Ultimate VP's get an ULTIMATE surprise.


Member Levels


Entry Level Intern

0 - 14 Paws
15-24 Paws
(You are inducted into the Hall of Fame starting from this level.  Your name will live forever online - or until I retire.  LOL)


25-39 Paws


40-49 Paws
50-59 Paws
*5 extra credit points
Director 60-69 Paws
*5 additional extra credit points
70-100 Paws
*5 additional extra credit points


*Once you've reached 100 points I will give you a private link to the bonus questions.

*Extra credit points will be applied to the subject area of your choice at the end of each grading period.  The points may only be used once.  You may accumulate the points to be used at the third trimester.  Please indicate your choice a week before the close of the grading period.  It is your responsibility to notify Ms. Wong, the points will not be applied automatically.

In The Classroom- you automatically earn one paw point if you…

  • Receive two H3 Character Star nods from your classmates.
  • Receiving an H3 zipper-pull
  • 2 paws for an H3 Golden Integrity Tag
The original creator of this idea comes from Ms. Heather Renz's Mastery Club.  My inspiration for this website comes from both Ms. Renz and Ms. Jasztal's Cranium Commanders.
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