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How do I log into TechBook to do my 4 Square Vocab homework?

You MUST log in through the Clever portal. Do NOT try to access TechBook through Google. It will NOT work correctly if you go in through Google.

How to Access TechBook from Home:
1. Go to www.clever.com/in/mnps

2. Click "Log in Office 365"

3. Use your 365 username= first name last initial plus the last 5 digits of your 
   student ID#

    Your password=entire 190 #

4. Click "D Education" (Discovery Education square which is blue)

5. Click on "Social Studies Techbook"

6. If screen shows "U.S. History" or "World Geography", you need to click on  
   the "Courses" tab. 

7. Click on "World History: Pre-History to the Present"

8. Click on the number of the current unit; for example, if we are working on Unit
   10.4 you would click "10.4".

9.  You will use the appropriate tabs for the current unit. For example, if we are working on the Enlightenment, you will use Tab 1, 2, and 3, or the click the "Reference" tab.


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