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What do you mean by notebook contents?
Each student is responsible for keeping a composition notebook organized and up to date in social studies class. Each unit will consist of bellringers, notes from class discussions and videos, and rotation station activities. Each entry and/or activity should be dated and labeled so that it can be found easily in the composition notebook. Any handouts or mind maps should be dated, labeled, and "tapled" into the notebook in the appropriate place.

Why should I worry about keeping up with notebook contents?
Students will have a notebook check at some point during each unit. This counts as a grade and should be the easiest "100" a student earns. Make sure you check the class website to make sure you are up to date on notebook contents. Don't get too far behind or wait until the last minute to get your notebook together. Notebook checks are not announced in advance. This is an effort to get you and keep you organized. Notebook checks are due the day they are announced. If you left your notebook at home the day of the NB check, you will recieve a "0". Students will not be allowed to call home for someone to bring his/her notebook to school. No late notebooks will be accepted (unless due to student illness/absence.)

Sept. 7--Notes from Learning Expedition to Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Sept. 6/7--Different Kind of BR:

Nystrom Activity #25

Sept. 4/5--NHD Contact Information & Contract Agreements

Library Research Process Notes

Aug. 29/30--BR #8:
What are your concerns about National History Day? What are you looking for in group members?

Aug. 27/28-- Different Kind of BR:
Nystrom Activity #22 (blue sheet)

Justinian I Claim Homework

Aug. 24--BR #7:
What do you think was the most tragic legacy or part of the Roman Empire? (Consider the plague, slavery, corruption--just to name a few.) Explain your answer.

Vocabulary 4 Square (Part II) (yellow sheet)

Aug. 22/23--BR #6:
What do you think the Roman citizens could have done or should have done to get rid of all of the corruption among the rulers of the Roman Empire?

Aug. 20/21--BR #5:
In your opinion, what do you think is the most triumphant or most valuable legacy of the Roman Empire? (Consider aqueducts, roads, system of government, etc.) You may use your 4 Square to help you.

Aug. 17--BR #4:
 Describe the meaning of "triumph". Describe the meaning of "tragedy". Have you (or anyone you may know) ever experienced a triumphant event or a tragic event? Explain what happened.

Aug. 15/16--BR #3: 
Based on the conclusions you made reading the letters, what do you think is the best piece of advice for being successful in 7th grade social studies (SS)? What is your biggest concern about this class? About 7th grade in general?

Aug. 13/14--Vocab 4 Square Part I (yellow sheet)

Aug. 13/14--Verner Website Activity (blue sheet)

Aug. 13/14--7th Grade Advice 

Aug. 13/14--BR#2:
What are 3 of Mrs. Verner's personality traits? What kind of person do you think she is? Describe how you arrived at those conclusions (what was your evidence)?

Aug. 9/10--Character Map of Mrs. Verner (white sheet)

Aug. 9/10--BR#1:
What is your dominant or strongest area of intelligence (your highest %) based on your survey results? Were you surprised by this result? Why or why not?

Aug. 7/8--Practice Bell Ringer:

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." What do you think this quote means? What does it tell you about this social studies class?

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