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4th 9 Weeks: Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment
(12 vocab words):

Scientific Revolution, rationalism, geocentric theory, heliocentric theory, scientific method, Enlightenment, constitutional monarchy, bill of rights, social contract, natural rights, separation of powers, religious tolerance

DUE: Monday, May 7 for A-Day classes
          Tuesday, May 8 for B-Day classes

Use TechBook Unit 5, Chapters 20.2 & 20.3


4th 9 Weeks: Age of Exploration (12 vocab words):
cartography, circumnavigate, conquistadors, Columbian exchange, Age of Exploration, astrolabe, magnetic compass, caravel, capitalism, market economy, cottage industry, mercantilism

DUE: Monday, April 16 for ALL classes
Use TechBook, Unit 5, Chapter 19.1 & 19.2


4th 9 Weeks: Civilizations of the Americas (13 vocab words):
Mesoamerica, pre-Columbian, Olmec, Maya, Aztec, Inca, concept of zero, glyphs, floating gardens (chinampas), Tenochitlan, terracing, quipu, Mayan calendar

Use TechBook Unit 4, Section 15.1, 15.2, and 15.3

Vocab 4 Square HW DUE:
Wed., April 11 for A-Day classes
Thurs., April 12 for B-Day classes

VOCAB QUIZ: Friday, April 13 for ALL classes
4th Nine Weeks

Activity Station Rotations

Finish all of the graphic organizers/activities from each of the Activity Station Rotations--NOTEBOOK CHECK Wednesday, March 28 for A-day classes
Thursday, March 29 for B-day classes

Renaissance & Reformation Vocabulary 4 Square
A-day classes--due Monday, March 19
B-day classes--due Tuesday, March 20

Renaissance, classical art, city-state, inidividualism, vernacular, Florence, simony, Reformation, Protestant, theocracy, nationalism, Counter-Reformation, humanism, humanities, secular, indulgence, denomination

3rd Nine Weeks

Medieval Europe Vocabulary #3--Due Friday, March 2
bubonic plague, Black Death, epidemic, Hundred Years' War, longbow, Inquisition, Reconquista, heresy, Magna Carta, habeas corpus

NHD Project--Process Paper
All Classes--Due Friday, February 9

NHD Project-- Annotated Bibliography
All Classes--Due Friday, February 2

All groups in each class must turn in one copy of the working draft of their annotated bibliographies. Students may still add sources to their bibliographies after this date. I will provide feedback / comments / suggestions on the working drafts and give these back to you.

Medieval Europe Vocabulary #2:
A-Day Classes--Due Friday, February 2
B-Day Classes--Due Friday, February 2

Must use Vocab 4 Square Method (TechBook Unit 5)

gothic, Roman Catholic Church, sacraments, pilgrimage, clergy, pope, bishop, Crusades, Holy Land, Moors, commercial revolution

Medieval Europe Vocabulary Quiz #2: February 9

Medieval Europe Vocabulary #1:
A-Day Classes--Due Monday, January 8
B-Day Classes--Due Tuesday, January 9

Must use Vocab 4 Square Method (TechBook Unit 5, Ch. 17)

manorialism, feudalism, guild, fief, vassal, serf, knight, noble, chivalry

Vocab Quiz #1: Friday, January 12, 2018

National History Day Project HW:
*We discussed National History Day projects in class on Wednesday & Thursday (Jan. 3 & 4). Think about what project category (exhibit, performance, documentary, or website) interests you the most. You can review the video we watched in class by going to YouTube and searching
"Exploring National History Day". You can also try clicking or copying and pasting the following link:

Also, think about whom you would like to work with on your group project. Groups will consist of a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum of 5 people. Have your project category and group selected by Monday, January  8, 2018. 


Japan Unit Vocabulary:
Due Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Must use Vocab 4 Square Method (TechBook Unit 4, Ch. 14)

Prince Shotoku, Shinto, Heian period, golden age, courtier, shogun, samurai, daimyo, martial arts, Amida Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Bushido

China Unit Vocabulary:
A-Day classes--due Friday, December 1
B-Day classes--due Tuesday, December 5

dynasty, bureaucracy, meritocracy, commerce, currency, urbanization, mass-produce, gun powder, inoculate, maritime trade, tribute

Use the 4 Square method for each word. Use TechBook, Unit 4, Ch. 13 to help you with each word.

RETAKE on Africa Unit
Wednesday, November 29 during Enrichment/Retake Time

QUIZ on Africa Unit
*Monday, November 20--A-Day Classes
*Tuesday, Novemberr 21--B-Day Classes

Be sure to view the Review Questions / Quiz-Quiz-Trade Questions. It will come up as a pop-up.

Be sure to view the direction pages and answers sheets for each of the Rotation Stations.

To prepare for Africa Quiz study:
1. Vocab 4 Square (Activity Station 1)
2. What are the challenges to doing you genealogy?
     (Activity Station 2)
3. How do historians learn about African history?
     (Activity Station 3)
4. What is the significance of kente cloth?
     (Activity Station 3)
5. What are the differences & similarities of the big 3  
    African Empires? (Activity Station 4)
6. How is "Call & Response" used in African culture?
     (Activity Station 6)
7. How would you describe the purpose of folktales?
     (Activity Station 7)
8. How does geography and/or trade affect African
    history? (Activity Station 8)
9. How did Mansa Musa's journey impact the
    economy/trade in Africa? (Activity Station 9)

Due October 30/31: Africa Unit Vocabulary 4 Square:
1. trans-Saharan caravan trade
2. matrilineal
3. patrilineal
4. Mansa Musa
5. oral tradition
6. griot
7. genealogy
8. folktale
9. call and response
10. applique
11. kente

*MUST use the 4 Square method

*4 Square Method:
1st square--definition (in 7th grade language or in your own words; do not use dictionary.com; use TechBook)
2nd square--synonym(s) (word or phrases that means the same thing; you might have to use your critical thinking)
3rd square--characterstics or examples (example of how this term/item was used at the time; what are examples of this term or characteristics of this term?)
4th square--draw an illustration of the word OR illustrate the letters of the word (be able to explain what your illustration means)

How to Access TechBook from Home:
1. Go to www.clever.com/in/mnps
2. Click "Log in Office 365"
3. Use your 365 username (first name last initial plus the 
    last 5 digits of your student ID#)
    Your password=entire 190 #
4. Click "D Education" (Discovery Education square)
5. Click on "Social Studies Techbook"
6. If screen shows "U.S. History" or "World Geography", you
    need to click on the  "Swith Courses" tab
7. Click on "Ancient World History to the Present"
8. Click on "4" for Unit 4
9. Click on Chapter 16
10. You will use Section 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 or the "Reference"

Do NOT use dictionary.com because it may give you a definition that doesn't relate to the context in which we are using the words in this unit. Use TechBook instead.


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