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Homework Policy
All homework will be checked/graded on the assigned due date (unless otherwise specified by Mrs. Verner.) It is always for a completion grade (not for accuracy.) NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED (unless due to illness or absence and worked out with Mrs. Verner.) Students will NOT be allowed to call home for someone to bring his/her homework.

Most homework in this class will consist of 4 square vocabulary assignments. Although I do not assign a large quantity or amount of homework, I expect it to be high quality. Do
NOT wait until the night before a due date to start your 4 square homework; it will take you longer than you think. 

Detailed information will be posted on this tab regarding your homework assignments. Also, be sure to click on the "Calendar" tab for homework due dates.

Homework assigned September 10/11:
Vocabulary 4 Square for Islamic World Unit
Due Monday, Sept. 17 for A-day; Tuesday, Sept. 18 for B-day
     *Pillars of Islam (write the words below in the "Examples"
      section; write what each term is in one or two words)

Homework assigned September 4/5:
*NHD Group Contracts are due Friday, September 7. Turn in ONE copy of the group contract to Mrs. Verner from your group. Be sure all group members' names, block, and group number are written/typed on your contract. This is for a GRADE.

**UNIT TEST on the Fall of the Roman Empire / Byzantine Empire takes place Monday, September 10 for A-day classes and Tuesday, September 11 for B-day classes.

***NOTEBOOK check after the test. Be sure you have your Table of Contents page completed and everything tapled into your notebooks. This is for a GRADE.

Homework assigned August 27/28:
 Justinian I Packet--Use the SQ3R and annotation processes to unpack the primary and secondary sources. On the 3rd page, create a claim answering the question, "What kind of ruler was Justinian I?". Then complete the evidence chart AND write an argumentative essay supporting your claim.

Homework assigned August 20/21:

Use TB Unit 3, Ch.10.5, Tabs 4 & 5 & 8; AND Unit 3, Ch. 11.2 to help you. Complete the Vocab 4 Square process/template (yellow sheet for the following words:
  • Constantine (Ch 10.5, Tabs 4 & 5)
  • Constantinople (Ch 10.5, Tab 5 / Ch 11.2, Tab 5 & 6)
  • Byzantine Empire (Ch 10.5, Tab 8)
  • Eastern Orthodox Church (Ch 11.2, Tab 5  & 6)
  • patriarch (Ch 11.2, Tab 5 & 6)

 DUE:  Friday, August 24 for ALL classes

Homework assigned August 13/14:
Part 1: Complete the "What did you learn from Mrs. Verner's website?" activity sheet (blue sheet)
DUE: Wed., Aug. 15 for A Day classes
DUE: Thurs., Aug. 16 for B Day classes 

Part 2: Use TechBook (TB) Unit 3, Chapter 10.4, Tabs 6-8 AND Chapter 10.5, Tabs 1-3 to help you. Complete the Vocab 4 Square process/template (yellow sheet) for the following words:
  • Roman Empire (Ch 10.2, Tab 6 / Ch 10.4, Tab 6)
  • empire (Ch 10.4, Tab 6)
  • corruption (Ch 10.5, Tab 1 & 2)
  • decline (Ch 10.5, Tab 1 & 2)
  • mosaic (Ch 10.4, Tab 7)
  • aqueduct (Ch 10.4, Tab 6)
  • philosophy
  • DUE FRIDAY, AUGUST 17 for ALL classes!

  • Homework assigned August 7/8:
Step 1: Take the online survey located at this link

Step 2: Record/submit your survey results on the Google Form
https://goo.gl/forms/6ihwl6f11akYr3dG3  (Make sure you click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the Google Form.


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