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Example of a completed 4 square entry
How do I do my 4 Square vocabulary homework?
First of all, do NOT use dictionary.com or Google to look up a definition. It may give you information that has nothing to do with how we are using the word or phrase in class. Instead, use TechBook as it will provide the context of how we are discussing/using the term in class.

4 Square HW Process:
1st square: Definition in your own words
Write a definition of the word or phrase using 7th grade language or put it in your own words (You may need to read --the horror!-- sections from TechBook in order to get a better understanding of the context in which we are using the word/phrase in class.) Again, do NOT use/rely on dictionary.com or Google for this step.

2nd square: Synonym(s)
Write down at least one synonym for the vocab word/phrase. Remember that synonyms are words or phrases that mean the same thing. You will need to use your criticial thinking skills and NOT thesauraus.com. 

3rd square: Examples and/or Characteristics
List examples of the vocab word or its characteristics/traits. (This is where you really get into using critical thinking skills.)

4th square: Illustration or Pictoword
Draw a picture of your word or illustrate the letters of the word. You are not graded on your artistic ability. This is a way for you to make a stronger connection between the word and a visual representation (illustration) of it. 


Why you should take 4 Square HW seriously:
1. It will help you make connections/understand the unit better.
2. Most of the quiz questions come from the synonyms and
       examples/characteristics sections.
3. It will help you prepare for seminar discussions.


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