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Welcome to Mrs. Mahoney's Title I Reading / Literacy Intervention Program


Title I Reading / Literacy Intervention offers specialized instruction for students that need extra support in the area of reading. Students are assessed on a variety of literacy skills to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. Individualized reading instruction and materials are provided to students in small group settings to develop reading skills and support and supplement the classroom reading instruction.


Helping students learn to read is a TEAM effort!


  • Classroom Teachers
    • Provide core reading instruction, additional small group instruction, safe learning environment, and homework designed to reinforce reading skills
  • Title I / Literacy Intervention Teachers
    • Set reading goals for each student, provide additional one-on-one or small group supplemental reading instruction, provide homework designed to support reading goals, and monitor student progress
  • Parents and Guardians
    • Provide positive literacy experiences at home by reading to child regularly, minimizing distractions during homework time, being a positive reading role model, communicating regularly with the classroom and Title I teacher, and praising child's reading efforts

 Together we can help your child SUCCEED!

  Website updated on: Wednesday, October 11, 2017