Welcome to fourth grade!  We are very excited about this year.  We are looking forward to meeting with you and working together to promote a successful and enjoyable school experience for your child.
We believe that all children can and want to learn.  As teachers, our main goal is to help your child learn to be an independent, life-long learner.  To reach this goal, we will meet your child from where he/she is and guide him/her as far as possible, planning carefully so that your child can feel challenged without unnecessary frustration.  Teaching children that their best efforts are essential when completing a task is another one of our goals. We want your child to develop and maintain an “I can and will try” attitude.  We feel this attitude enables success.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please e-mail us at our e-mail addresses below.  If you do not have e-mail, please send a note or phone the office.  We do prefer communication via e-mail when possible, as it lessens the paper chase and promotes more efficient communication.
Other Important Information
Graded Papers:   Each week your child will bring home his/her graded papers from the previous week in a red pocket V.I.P. (Very Important Papers) folder.  Please look over all papers, and sign the attached sheet indicating that you have seen the papers.  Please keep the papers and return the folder to school the following day.
Grading Policy:   The St. Tammany Parish grading policy is as follows:
            Conduct:              O = Outstanding (0-2 marks)
                                       S = Satisfactory (3-6 marks)
                                       N = Needs Improvment (7-9 marks)
                                       U = Unsatisfactory (10 or more marks)
            Grading Scale:              A = 93 – 100
                                                B = 85 – 92
                                                C = 75 – 84
                                                D = 67 – 74
                                                F = 66 or below
Weekly Newsletter:   A weekly overview will be sent home with a preview of the topics of study, special projects, events, and tests.  Please note that the overview is tentative.  It is subject to change without notice.  Tests are usually scheduled at the completion of a chapter or unit.  Please look for the overview in the V.I.P. folder.
Daily Folder: Your child’s blue folder is where he or she will write down homework assignments.  There will also be a behavior log under the homework assignments which will let you monitor your child’s behavior.  Please look at this folder each day and then sign in the box for that day.
Classroom Management:  Please review the class rules, consequences, and rewards with your child.
1.Follow Directions
2. Stay on Task
3. Be Prepared
4. Respect Others
5. Work and Play Safely
Consequences: 1st and 2nd marks are warnings
3rd mark is a detention
(Detentions are held before school from 7:35-8:05)
Rewards: tickets that can be used to purchase reward passes
Lunch Money:  Lunch money is brought directly to the cafeteria in the morning before school or at lunch.  Please put the money in an envelope and label it with the following information:
Student’s Name
Teacher’s Name
Amount Enclosed
Student Lunch #_______
Supply Fee:   Each student is asked to bring in $10 to cover classroom supplies.
Volunteers: We encourage our parents to get involved at LES so please consider volunteering this year!  A form will be sent home with many opportunities to sign up. 
Snacks:  Your child will be allowed to bring a daily healthy snack which will be eaten after lunch. The snack should be small and can be one of the following: crackers, pretzels, dry cereal, string cheese, fruit or veggies (no dips or snacks requiring utensils). Please note that candy, soda, cakes, and chips are not permitted. Students may also bring a clear, plastic, screw top only water bottle to drink from during class. This can be water only with no extra flavoring. Thank you for your continued support!                
*Please know that snacks can be sent for special occasions such as birthdays; just let the teacher know beforehand and please send something that is individually wrapped or precut and easy to pass out quickly (ex- cupcakes, cookies, brownies).
Communication: Email is the easiest and most preferred form simply because we will get the message and be able to respond much quicker. There is a link to every teacher’s email under “faculty” on our school website (lancasterelementary.stpsb.org).  Each teacher also has a class website that will post the weekly newsletters, homework and important updates. 
The red VIP folder that goes home each Monday will also have a place for any questions/comments that you may have each week. You may also call the office and set up a conference if needed.

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