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Science Study Guide
  1. What were the original four elements?
  2. The elements on the periodic table are arranged in what order?
  3. The number next to an element’s symbol tells you what about the element?
  4. Describe your pillow using six physical properties.
  5. How is a solution different from a mixture?
  6. How is a physical change of an object different from a chemical change?
  7. In order to count as matter your object must fulfill what two qualities?
  8. In which state of matter do you want water if you are swimming in a pool? Which state do you want it, if you are building an igloo? Which state is it in when it escapes a tea kettle?
  9. How would a litmus test or a pH scale tell you if a substance is an acid or a base?
  10. What is the connection between an atom and an element?

1. What is the scale for determining if something is an acid or base?
2. How does an acid differ from a base?
3. How are they similar?
4. Provide three examples of bases?
5. Provide three examples of an acid?
6. What substance is typically in between being an acid or base?
7. Why do you suppose that eating a lemon would more likely upset your stomach than eating an apple?

Social Studies Study Guide- Constitution

1.    The ____________________, created by Roger Sherman, provided equal representation in the Senate, representation based on population in the House of Representatives, and a Congress made up of two houses.

2.    The _______________ wanted a strong national government like that set forth in the Constitution.

3.    The Bill of Rights are ten Constitutional _____________ specifying freedoms.

4.    __________________ could not pass laws to collect taxes while our country operated under the Articles of Confederation.
5.    The __________________ Amendment, passed in 1920, gave women the right to vote.
6.    The _________________ Amendment, passed in 1865, ended the practice of slavery.
7.    ___________________ and __________________ refers to the concept that no one branch can become more powerful than another under the U.S. Constitution.
8.    Under the Articles of Confederation, states were making separate treaties with foreign nations and even printing their own ___________________.
9.    The Judicial Branch is responsible for ___________________ laws and declaring whether they are constitutional or not.
10.     The Legislative Branch is responsible for ______________laws.
11.    The Executive Branch is responsible for ________________ laws.
12.     The _________________ is the head of our nation’s Executive Branch.

13.     While some members of the Constitutional Convention sought to outlaw slavery, the Constitution did not originally ban it. In fact, it was passed with the 3/5ths Compromise which allowed enslaved persons to be counted as 3/5ths of a person for _____________ and representation purposes.
14.    One weakness of the Articles of Confederation is that the government had only one ____________________.
15.    ____________________________ was caused by high property taxes on poor Massachusetts farmers, some of whom were former Continental soldiers.
16.     The goals of the Constitution include defending the nation, establishing ______________, and ensuring peace.
17.     According to the 14th Amendment anyone _____________ in the United States is a United States citizen.
18.    How does a bill become a law? How could a bill be prevented from becoming a law? 
Essay Questions- These require at least four complete sentences.
19.     ***It is 1830 in the United States, and you are the older brother or sister of a young girl named Celeste. Celeste tells you that it is her dream to follow the path of George Washington, who was a war hero that became President of the United States and owned a large plantation. What is the likely result for Celeste? Why? How would her future be different if she were born in the year 2006 A.D.?
20.    *** Jermaine wrote a negative article about his state’s governor. In response, the governor had him arrested and convened a trial in which the governor himself served as judge. The governor then sentenced him to spend five months in a prison cell filled with dangerous badgers. How would the Bill of Rights save Jermaine from this predicament?

Energy and Motion
1.    Inertia dictates that an object in motion _______ _________ ________, and one at rest ______ __________ _____________.
2.    The object with the greater __________ has the greater gravity pull.
3.    A __________ or pull is an example of force.
4.    __________ never disappears, it only changes form.
5.    An ___________ ___________ is a steady flow of electrons.
6.    A __________  is the unit of measurement used to determine how much electricity is used by a particular device.
7.    A ___________ is the unit of measurement used to describe the extent of force applied to an activity.
8.    Metal and water are great ______________ because they allow for easy transmission of electricity.
9.    ________________ is an increase in velocity, speed in a certain direction.
10.    ____________ energy is the energy that comes from the movement of atoms.
11.    ______________ energy is the energy of vibrations. It moves in waves, but it must constantly bounce off of air or water molecules in order to continue its journey.
12.    For every action there is an equal and opposite ____________.
13.    ________________ is the force that slows down objects as they rub against each other.
14.    ________________ is to design smooth, rounded surfaces on an object, so it slips through the air with the least possible resistance.

15.    ___________ is the force that acts to pull pairs of objects together.
16.    Since, light(radiant energy) moves in a straight line, a ____________ is formed where light is blocked.
17.    ______________ energy is energy stored in the connections among atoms. For example, a spinach salad contains this type of energy, and it is released through your digestion of it.
18.    ______________ is the number of sound waves passing a point in one second.
19. ***Dr. Nocturnal has a plan to eliminate all radiant energy from the world. He says it will prevent potential disease. Dr. Sol argues that it would actually lead to more people getting sick or injured. Explain both viewpoints of this argument.
20. ***Describe how the terms kinetic energy, potential energy, gravity, and inertia apply to a child playing on a trampoline.


Old Yeller Questions

Chapter One
1. What gift does Travis want more than anything else? Why do you suppose this is important to him?
2. Why is Travis opposed to getting a new dog?
3. Why is Travis's father leaving the family?
4. Explain why you agree or disagree with Papa's decision to leave.
5. Provide an adjective to describe Arliss. Why does this adjective fit?
6. By the end of Chapter One, do you like or dislike Travis? Use three sentences to explain why or why not.

Chapter Two
1. What can we tell about Old Yeller's past by Travis's description of him?(three sentences)
2. How does Old Yeller's first meal, demonstrate his intelligence?
3. What happens to your opinion of Arliss in this chapter? Why?
4. How does Mama try to improve Travis's mood?
5. Why is the meat so important to Travis?

Chapter Three
1. Why would Jumper be helpful when hunting? Why would he be a liability(problem) when hunting?
2. How do you know that Travis has great respect for his father?
3. What does wind direction have to do with hunting?
4. What part of Travis's hunting adventure made him upset?
5. Why do you suppose Travis started to come around to the idea of letting Arliss keep Old Yeller?
6. Why does Old Yeller getting clean make Travis mad at him again?

Chapter 4
1.    Why was Travis excited to see the bulls fight?
2.    What did Old Yeller figure out before Travis?
3.    Why didn’t Old Yeller follow Travis’s commands to attack the bulls?
4.    Who suffered the most as a result of the bulls’ fight?
5.    Was Travis heroic or foolish when he attacked the bulls? Explain.
6.    Who or what eventually brought an end to the fight?

Chapter 5
1.    Why is Travis bothered by Arliss’s hunting stories?
2.    Why does Travis push himself so hard when it comes to splitting the logs?
3.    Why did the Mother Bear attempt to attack Arliss?
4.    Why did Travis originally ignore Arliss’s screams?
5.    Who is the hero of this chapter? Explain.
6.    Why was Travis going to hit the Mother Bear? Why was this a bit surprising?

Chapter 6

1. How and why has Travis's opinion of Arliss changed?
2. How does Travis show his appreciation for Old Yeller?
3. How did Arliss acting like a pest help the hunt?
4. Why didn't Old Yeller eat the turkey meat?
5. Why was Travis not looking forward to a visit from Bud Searcy?
6. How and why did Lisbeth save Old Yeller's life?

Chapter 8

1. Why did Travis and Mama hold hands with Arliss?
2. What's the bargain that Arliss strikes with Mr. Sanderson?
3. Provide two reasons why Mr. Sanderson might have made this deal.
4. Why did Travis have to run off when the bargain was made?
5. Why did Mr. Sanderson talk to Travis alone?
6. Why didn't Travis thank Mr. Sanderson?
Chapter 10

1. Provide two reasons why Travis chose to track down the hogs pointed out by Bud Searcy.
2. Why does the author go to great lengths to describe the fruit the hogs are eating?
3. Was it Travis's fault that he got hurt in this chapter? Why or why not?
4. Why did Travis destroy his own shirt?
5. How did Old Yeller put Travis before himself?
6. Why did Travis trap Old Yeller under the rock slab?

Chapter 11

1. Why did Mama delay Travis's return to Old Yeller? 
2. Why was Travis scared when he saw the buzzards?
3. Why did Mama ask Arliss to get her a lizard?
4. How and why did Travis hurt Jumper?
5. How did Mama get Arliss to behave himself on the ride back home?
6. Why do you suppose Travis's leg bothers him more when he gets home rather than when he was on the rescue mission?

Chapter 12

1. Select an adjective that describes Mama based on her actions in this chapter? Explain why that adjective fits.
2. How did Jumper almost destroy the family's chances of surviving the winter?
3. Why did Travis find Bud Searcy's laziness particularly irritating in this chapter?
4. What is Lisbeth's surprise and why doesn't she get a better reaction from Travis?
5. How could Travis have handled his conversation with Lisbeth better?
6. What is funny about the help Bud Searcy offers?

Chapter 13

1. Explain how Lisbeth was similar to Saint Therese of Lisieux.
2. Why wasn't Mama the first to suspect that Spot might have hydrophobia?
3. Why was a bull with hydrophobia potentially more dangerous than a heifer in that condition?
4. Provide an word that describes what Mama is feeling as she ran toward the creek. Support your claim using clues from this scene.
5. Do you agree with Travis's solution to the bull problem? Explain why or why not?
6. At the beginning of the chapter when Travis is describing the corn gathering expedition, what emotion was he feeling? Support your claim using details from that scene?

Chapters 14 and 15
1. Why did the family choose to burn the bull's body? What were the negative consequences from this action?
2. Why did Mama direct Travis to treat Spot the same as the bull? Why was this a difficult decision?
3. What did Travis's lengthy nap tell you about him?
4. How did Old Yeller save Mama and Lisbeth? Why was it particularly impressive?
5. How was Old Yeller harmed in a way that was not visible?
6. Did Travis's actions at the end of Chapter 15 make him a bad guy in your opinion? Why or why not?

Chapter 16

1. Why wasn't Travis more excited about his new horse?
2. What do you suppose the rain in this chapter symbolizes?
3. How is Papa's advice like a Frozen song? Explain why you think this is good or bad advice.
4. How does an act of theft brighten Travis's mood?
5. When all is said and done, was Travis a good man of the house? Why or why not?
6. What can you tell about Papa's time away from the family based on Travis's description?


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