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This week:  May 23-24 
No spelling test this week.
Review activities     
                Handwriting Guidelines
My goal is to have the students realize that they will save time in the long run if they slow down just a little bit and "take the time to write it right".  (They will continue to hear that a lot!)  Our long range goal is neatness and legibility - not perfection.  (However, that would be okay, too!)
Things they need to work on:
     1.  All letters should sit on the line.
     2.  Tall letters should be twice as tall as the short ones.
          (I have them imagine a dotted line half-way between the
           lines on their papers.  The short letters should be
           about that height.  Tall and "tail" letters are both twice that size.)
     3.  Do not make "o"s, "a"s, "g"s, "q"s, and "d"s in a clockwise
          motion.  The circle part is counter-clockwise, like a "c".
     4.  Be sure "m"s and "n"s aren't printed.  They need humps and should be connected, not spread out.
     5.  Be sure that "b", "v", "o", and "w" have a "shelf" at the end.
          (This should be about as tall as the imaginary line.)
     6.  "f", "g", "j", "p", "q", "y", and "z" need to have long
           tails.  No bobcats.  Also watch where their loops go.
          over other letters or words. 
8.  I need to see loops in "e"s and "l"s.
9.  Close up the tops on "a", "g", "d", "o", and  "q". 
We will discuss all these things in class - every day -  and they will become familiar with these concepts.  Now, we just need to practice until they become habits.

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