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Ms. Dieck’s Monday Memo

April 24, 2017

There will be no standardized testing this week.  My homeroom will test on again on May 1st and our last testing day will be May 5th. 


Upcoming Events


April 27 – Interims and Evening with the Stars

May 15 – Written and Illustrated begins at l: 30 in Ms. Dieck’s classroom


Math – the students will review previously learned skills.  They will have a Math 4 Today quiz on Friday.  Please have them review their work in preparation for the quiz.  They will continue with their measurement book.  There will be a customary conversion test on Tuesday.

Science – the students will complete a Daily Science and begin a chapter on local ecosystems.

Social Studies – the students complete a Daily Geography and begin a chapter on map skills.

Please remember all dates are tentative.  Check your child’s planner for the most acute information. Please email at nancy.dieck@stpsb.org or call me at 985-674-4440 if you have any questionJ