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These are the supplies that I request you help the class with for the next school year (2018 - 2019).  Please have you child bring them by the first week of school. These supplies are used by all the students in the class.  Therefore, I expect that all parents will help contribute.
     1. (1) Ream of binder paper [500 sheets]
     2. (1) Ream of copy paper
     3. (1) hand sanitizer
     4. (1) tape refill
     5 (1) box tissue [for runny noses]
There are also a number of items your child WILL need to have personally in order to be sucessful.  These items are required for all students and needed in order to be successful.  These items will be kept by the student and used by him/her throughout the year.
1. (1) A binder with dividers.
2. (1) set of dividers for subjects.
3. (10) # 2 pencils and a pencil sharpener which holds the pencil shavings
       3 Mechanical Pencils with extra leads
4. (2) yellow highlighter pens
5. (2) 2 Red medium ball point pens for correcting work [not red felt pens]
6. (2) black dry erase pens [wide tip]
7. (1) dry erase eraser (or other object such as an old sock or old washcloth which will erase the white board)
8. (2) book covers (paper may be used to cover books, but books must be covered).
I will also be asking for donations to help with the cost of art projects.  I will send home a notice on the amount to help with - I cannot affort to pay for every child by myself for some of the very educational and fun projects we do.

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