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Educational Resources

Science/Social Studies
National Geographic Kids
Moon Viewer - Allows users to view the earth and moon from many vantage points and in multiple ways.
Fast Map - How well do you know the states?  Time yourself!
Space Place NASA for Kids
Biomes - What is it like where you live?
Explore the States - Explore our states through the Library of Congress
Michigan Kids - The Michigan Web site for kids that brings together all of the kids content on Michigan.gov Web sites.
Everyday Math Online - EDM
AplusMath -  Practice your math facts through games like Matho and Planet Blaster
Multiplication Practice
Coin Combo - Great coin counting games!
Fractions and Percents Matching Game - Learn to convert fractions to percentages and back again.
Guess The Number - Place Value

The Ruler Game - Measurement
Change Maker - Money
NWEA Practice  - Students select activities based upon their RIT Score.

Math Top !0 - Challenge math problems
Number Nut
Math Playground
Language Arts
Book Adventure - A FREE reading motivation program for children
Wacky Web Tales - Create wacky stories using parts of speech.
Magnetic Poetry - Drag the tiles around to make your own poetry

Storyline Online - Hear your favorite story read aloud by famous individuals.
NWEA Practice - Students select activities based upon their RIT Score.

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