How many events can one student compete in?
Students are allowed to compete in 2 Field events and 3 Track events during the regular season competitions.

Each tournament will have its own set of guidelines which could be different from these.

If we only do track and not any field events can we arrive between 5:00 and 5:30?
All coaches should arrive at the venue by 4:45 regardless of whether your athletes are participating in field events or not.

All coaches need to be there and ready to help run, measure and score each of the four field events.
What is the average amount of participants per school for both boys and girls?
I don't think there is an average number of athletes on each team. I try to keep 6 sprinters, 6 distance runners, 5 Sixth-graders, and any athletes that may be good at only throwing events.

My maximum would be around 18-20 athletes.
I just wanted to double check that we will need a stop watch and measuring tape, will we measure/time all athletes or just our own?
Upon arriving at the venue, the coaches should get together and have a coaches meeting. At that meeting you should decide which coach will be running each field event. There should be at least 4 tape measures available.

(150 ft - for Discus), (50 ft - for Shot Put), (25 ft - for Long Jump) (7 ft - for High Jump), it doesn't matter which coach(es) bring the tape measures, just as long as they are available. So every coach should bring what they have, then decide on which ones to use at the meet.

Also decide for the running events, whether coaches will be timing lanes, places or just their own athletes. It is best to verify "who is timing what" right before the beginning of each running event.

The host school should get the times and write down the results immediately after each event. I will provide blank score sheets to all the coaches before the season begins.

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