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Ms. Brown and Ms. Mayhew

Click the Homework icon below.(The house with the books)


Homework is posted daily. Please be sure to select the correct date and course. Select Ms. Brown for Reading, Spelling, and Social Studies homework. Select Ms. Mayhew for Math, and Science homework.

Please see below for a copy of the Spelling Menu. 

 Steps for insuring that your child is on task and that you know what is going on in class.
  • Check Schoolmax every Monday morning. I am required to post grades for the week by Sunday night.
  • Check the class website daily for homework and announcements. I usually post the classwork packet and the homework packet. IF you notice on Schoolmax that some assignments are missing, this is your resource to reprint them and have her complete them. It is then your child’s responsibility to turn them in.
  • Check your child’s classwork or homework folder. IF he/she is unable to complete their work in class usually because of time, they are instructed to take those assignments home to complete. Again, it is your child’s responsibility to return the assignments so that I can grade them.
  • Keep a log of all the work that you have your child’s make up and complete. Again, check Schoolmax. If you know that your child’s has completed some make-up and it is not recorded on Schoolmax, then please email me to check what the hold up is. It could possibly that I have not gotten to grade it or gone back to enter it from my paper gradebook to Schoolmax. I will be happy to check my records and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Study each night Spelling and Vocabulary words.
  • Review the Social Studies chapter lesson that we are working on. This should be indicated on the class website under the Social Studies tab.
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