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Our theme this year is" Setting the Stage for Success". We want our students to feel like they are the stars of their script in education. Thank you for choosing academic gifted education.We will follow the St. Tammany Guaranteed Curriculum for gifted academics for the third grade. We have supplemental material that will be used as needed.

Thanks for your support and choice of academic gifted education.
I would like to thank the families who have brought in treats for the treat box and rewards! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. A big thank you to Ms. Dianna and family . They have made many contributions of time and supplies! Thank you so much! If you are looking for a site to help with multiplication facts- you may want to check out this link as follows: www.multiplication.com

It would be greatly appreciated if you wish to donate any of the classroom items as follows:
         small items for the treasure box
         paper towels
         candy treats for the candy jar
         animal crackers
         clorex wipes for the desks

Thanks you in advance for your attention in this matter.
Please check this column for updates. I appreciate your students. I appreciate your choice of Gifted Academic education.  We have had a wonderful year! Thank you for helping me to set the stage for success.

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