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Coming to morning Math and working on Prodigy will help students become much more skillful in Math.  They will also receive extra credit for coming to morning math and for working problems on Prodigy.

Students in 7th and 8th Grades have active assignments on IXL.  These assignments count as test grades so students should take these assignments very seriously.


Monday, May 7


Seventh Grade Trip


Eighth Grade:  The students will practice multiplying polynomials.  They will do follow up work on IXL.


Tuesday, May 8


Seventh Grade:


Students will practice determining slope from a graph.


Eighth Grade:


Students will practice dividing polynomials by monomials.


Wednesday, May 9


Seventh Grade: Students will practice writing an equation from a graph.


Eighth Grade:  Students will practice adding and subtracting polynomials.


Thursday, May 10


School Celebration


Friday, May 11

Eighth Graders will be decorating the gym for the 8th Grade dance.


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