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 Welcome to the ELAR online resource support page!

If you are in need of activities to support your classroom instruction, individualize instruction for students based on their specific needs, or provide learning and practice activities designed to bring a student to mastery, this is the place for you!!

This site provides a wide range of objective-specific online practices for MS Reading TEKS objectives.  Study your student data to determine areas of weakness and assign specific practices to enhance their performance.

Used to accompany the MS STAAR Vocabulary Unit Packet, these online practices are based on Dr. Marzano's vocabulary acquisition steps.  Use the pre-assessment tool to determine the needs of your students, then assign various units for at-home practice, tutorial usage, and small or whole group instruction using your data projector in the classroom.

This site provides objective-specific practices covering many different writing, grammar, spelling, and revise/edit skills for MS writing instruction.

This site provides free resources for teachers to use for informational text instruction and practice.

This site is designed to be a self-paced class period of instruction using online resources for MS students.  By working through the lesson plan, students will receive practice with vocabulary, reading comprehension, summarization, and more.

This site was designed specifically for HS ELAR teachers in order to provide online activities that will strenghten reading skills in each of the Reporting Categories.

This is a collection of activities that can be used to strengthen phonemic awareness, word decoding, and other skills.

This site outlines the "Ten Commandments of AR" so that the program can be implemented with fidelity.  Also included are attachments outlining step-by-step instructions for accessing various reports, summarization tools, and response activities.

This site is a warehouse of student engagement ideas and tools.  Features include how to gameify learning, digital timers to help keep the class on track, fun test prep ideas, ways in which to entice the learner into becoming engaged in complex subject matter, and much more.

Using a computer microphone, this site will allow you to record oral tests and stories which can be saved as an MP3 file that can be placed on the district Portal or burned to a CD.   The recordings can be accessed by students on a computer workstation or lab using headphones.


If you are interested in making your own instructional website, it is very easy AND free!!  See below for the attachment outlining the instructions.  You or your teachers can create webquests, informational sites for parents, a page containing practices specific for an upcoming test, and much more! 


Follow these instructions for creating your own easy and free web page that can house instructional activities, information/communication for stakeholders, web quests, and much more.  

  Website updated on: Tuesday, July 31, 2018