6th Grade Social Studies and Reading

    Hello, and welcome to 6th grade! This year we will be integrating the study of history with reading. We are going to examine early humans and civilizations all the way up to the fall of the Roman Empire (we may even sneak in a unit on medieval castles as well). Along the way we will be reading with a critical eye, and discussing, historical accounts of events in order to understand why events happen and how they influence us today. Think history doesn't matter? Think reading doesn't matter?............They do! In a big way!!

 About Mr. Ballentine (Mr.B.)
    This is my 31st year teaching at Pi Beta Phi. I have taught Geography, U.S. History, World History, and Reading. What I have learned is that, as important as the content of the class is, it is also very important to learn and practice critical thinking skills as well as creativity. The studies of history and Reading lend themselves well to this. 
    A little more....I have one daughter. She is 22 and lives and works in New York City for Bloomberg News. I enjoy home projects and traveling, hiking, and riding bicycles and motorcycles.

- B.S. in Geography/Urban Planning: University of Utah.
- B.S. in Elementary Education: University of Utah.
 M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction: University of Tennessee.
- EdS. in Curriculum and Instruction: Lincoln Memorial University.


Goals for the year:
1. Content: To learn about the events in history. History is so cool; it's why we are who we are. You really can't go forward until you look back!

2. Critical Thinking: Can you think for yourself? Can you be aware of what's going on around you and around the world? Can you figure out what is important and what is not? Can you have an informed opinion on issues? Yes!
3. Creativity: We will be doing lots of projects this year. You can be as creative as you want.
4. Communication: Can you listen well? Can you express yourself when you have an opinion on something? Can you ask questions when you are confused? Can you argue? Yes!  

Syllabus / Pacing Guide 
    Please click the 'Syllabus' button to the left to see the details and timing of the topics being taught.

Contact Mr.B. at: daveballentine@sevier.org

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