The goal in the computer lab is to provide computer technology skills and knowledge that will meet the needs of all students. With each passing day, technology becomes a greater influence in the future of our culture.  The Pi Beta Phi technology lab strives to prepare every student for the advanced technology society they will one day be working in.


1. Always sit at your assigned computer.
2. Listen quietly and attentively during the instructional lesson.
3. Follow directions.
4. Treat computer equipment with respect.
5. Respect each others privacy and space.
6. Raise your hand if you need assistance.
7. Before printing or saving get permission from the teacher.
8. No food or drinks in the computer labs.
9. Adhere to the Sevier County School's Internet Policy
  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-8:15  Planning  PlanningPlanningPlanningPlanning
8:15 - 9:15 Tech Support 5th Reagan 5th Nichols Tech Support  5th Barrett
9:15-10:154th T. Miller6th Smith & 1/2 Ballentine4th Morris6th Dulin & 1/2 Ballentine4th Dixon
10:15-10:45Planning PlanningPlanning
10:45-11:20 Lunch DutyLunch DutyLunch DutyLunch DutyLunch Duty
Mr. Mark- K
Ms. Chelsea - KMr. Mark - KMs. Sarah - KPlanning
11:55-12:25 Lunch Lunch Ms. Sarah - K  Lunch Duty Ms. Chelsea
12:25-12:251st Ms. Kerri & 1/2 Ms. Harris1st Ms. Brenda & 1/2 Ms. Harris LunchLunchLunch
1:25-2:252nd Ms. Parton3rd Clabo & 1/2 Bryan3rd Ownby & 1/2 Bryan  2nd L. Ownby  2nd B. Ownby

Keyboarding Skills is the main skill focused on.  Students will be given opportunities to get a lot of practice learning to type accurately and quickly.

Equipment Identification is taught in grades K-5 to give the students the knowledge of identifying different types of technology equipment from the parts of a computer like monitor and the keyboard to other types of technology found in today's society like the Ipod, printers, fax machines, the cell phone, and much more.

Computer Basics like using the mouse (clicking and scrolling), sitting correctly in their seat at the computer, turning the computers on and off, and other minor skills will be taught in grades K-5.

Microsoft Word is a word processing software used to type research papers, letters, resumes, and much more.  Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word in 2nd grade and they will be introduced to more skills as they move into grades 3, 4 & 5.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software used to make slide shows.  Students will be introduced to the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, and as they get more familiar with the program they will be taught the advanced skills found within the software. (2nd Grade/3rd Grade will be taught the basics, while 4th and 5th grade will be introduced to the advanced skills.)

Research is a very important skill that is taught to students to teach them how to search the Internet for the appropriate and accurate information needed for their project.  Students will be taught about search engines and important websites that will help in research.

Safety is extremely important to teach young children when using the Internet.  Students will be taught how to use the Internet Safely and
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