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Homework This Week

Please look for the most up-to-date homelearning assignments in student agendas. Homelearning is posted for the entire week in both classrooms. Also look for handouts sent home in your child's bookbag/homelearning folder.

- Dr. Balcells & Mrs. De la Torre

This website is a courtesy and the teachers reserve the right to change assignments upon notice to students.

Thanks for your cooperation in accelerating your children.

The research behind iReady shows that students who have had over 40 sessions in the reading and mathematics programs before standardized testing, increased their scoring significantly. Not to mention, iReady is an incredible tool for differentiating and enriching instruction for the gifted student. Reflex is an excellent tool for drilling and practicing the basic facts. Therefore, iReady or Reflex is a weekly assignment in Dr. Balcells classes. One completed iReady lesson or 1 green light in Reflex = A, and no attempts at Reflex / iReady will result in a grade of Z or zero (same as an F).

  For Dr. Bís Homework Policy, see the hardcopy sent home on paper or the document hyperlinked below.


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