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4th Grade Gifted

LHMS: An All-American Team
Together Everyone Achieves More

Smart-Watches are NOT allowed at school as stated by the St. Tammany Parish School Board.  Students should not wear or bring any electronic communication device to school.  The administration will take the Smart-Watch or other device and meet with the parent to return the property. 

Important Dates:

April 3 - April 28 - LEAP 2025 Testing  in computer labs for 5th and 6th grade. 

April 14 - 21 Easter/Spring Break Holidays

April 24th - School opens after Spring Break

April 27th - Evening With the Stars 6:30-8:00
Come, walk around, and view students' art works.
Talented Music and Theater students perform.
Violinists play and Talented Art work is displayed.
The Coffeehouse has students reading their original writings.

Monday, May 1 - Friday, May 5th - LEAP Testing starts on Monday for 4th graders. Please be on time! 

Please do not schedule any appointments or activities during this week of school.

4th grade students will be taking the LEAP test this week. It will be a paper and pencil test.  4th grade students do not test online.

May 8 -12 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9th - PTA Meeting & Band Concert at FHS at 6:30

May 10th - Getting to Know Lake Harbor Day for 3rd graders who will be 4th graders next year (4:30-6:30) & 4th Grade Gifted Orientation for Parents of incoming 4th graders during the event (Approximate time is 4:45-5:15)

May 11 - Violin/Chorus Concert 6:30

May 12th - 3rd graders visit LH

May 17th - Awards Day - 8:30 4th grade

May 18th - 4th Grade Picnic & Talented Music Performance at 6:30

May 23 - Beacon Bash & Blast Off! and 1/2 day for students - Last day of school for students

Classroom Accelerated Reader Goal Checks

100% of AR goal is due 5/17.

Keep your comprehension rates at 85% or higher
to earn  treats!

Cafeteria Information:

Please pay for breakfast and/or lunch in the cafeteria by paying online or sending the money to the homeroom teacher in an envelope with the child's name and "Lunch Money" written on the front of the envelope.

PTA Information
Please join the PTA!  They do so many amazing and wonderful things for our students and faculty.

Thank you, PTA, for purchasing the agenda books for our students this year!  This is a wonderful resource for keeping up with homework and tests! 

Box Tops Collections - please save these all year long (even during the summer) and turn them in throughout the year. 

Student Progress Center
You can check your child's grades anytime.  Find the Student Progress Center on our homepage or on the STPP Schools app on your mobile phone. The usernames and passwords from last year should still work.  If you cannot locate this information, contact the school at 674-4440 and let them know you need that information.   

Uniform Information:

Students may wear sandals if there is a strap on the back of the sandal. 

Students should wear tennis shoes on days when they have PE class. 

Students may wear undershirts that are these 3 colors:

Students may wear leggings that are these 3 colors:

Please see the student handbook for dress codes.

Gifted/Homeroom Connections:
Students need to give all money collected to his/her homeroom teacher between 8:05-8:10 so the teacher can get this information to the office.

Put all money in an envelope with your child's name, homeroom teacher, and amount.
Supply Fee
Box Tops
Lunch money
Field trips

Talented and/or Gifted Screenings

If you are interested in being screened for Gifted, Talented Art, Talented Music, or Talented Theater, please have your parents write a note stating your name (the student) and program you are interested in being tested for this year.  Emails are not accepted.  Please return the note to Mrs. Starnes and I will see that the Guidance Counselor, Kristen Kelley, gets the request.  Thanks!



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