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1. Binder Cover Page


  1. Must include images, charts, or other visuals (can be drawings and/or printed images).
  2. Must include sample vocab as well as some short phrases, sentences, or passages related to major (or interesting) concepts or topics.
  3. Must include color that is used convey meaning (such as in a drawing) or to effectively to highlight key features of the cover page (arrows, titles, etc).
  4. Layout should not just be a random collage. Try to develop a layout that somehow shows a connection between the different components of your cover page.
  5. Must include Title Box somewhere on the page.
    • Box must be 10 cm wide.
    • Box must contain the following info:

First and Last name (very neat)

Weather, Climate, and the Atmosphere

(or Marine Science for 8th Graders)

1st Period Science Mrs. Galvin

2. Electromagnetic Spectrum, Light, and Radiation

  • FIRST: Follow the link below to the NASA webpage on the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
    • Read the first page and then follow the links at the bottom of each page to learn about each type of electromagnetic radiation.
    • Take notes on the different wavelengths of light in the electronmagnetic spectrum.

NASA Website on Electromagnetic Spectrum


  • SECOND: Follow the University of Colorado link below to get an in-depth look at what electromagnetic waves a re all about. This is a REALLY cool site with some neat interactive demos! However, some of th content requires a more advanced understanding of atomic structure.

CU Bolder: Electromagnetic Waves


  • THIRD: Visit THIS LINK to zoom in and compare the wavelength of different forms of radiation to other objects.


Assignment: use the information on these sites to create detailed, illustrated notes/study guide on electromagnetic waves, light, and radiation.

3. Learning Styles Survey

The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify HOW YOU LEARN. You will be answering some questions that will assess your learning style and create a graphical print-out that you and I can use to assess the best way for you to learn and study new concepts.

Even though you may see the words "multiple intelligence" or even may see results that say you are "music smart" or "nature smart" or something like that, this survey does NOT measure your intelligence or your strongest academic areas! It DOES provide one way of measuring how best you LEARN! Some one who is "music smart" more than likely learns best while listening to music or by creating songs and rhymes to remember concepts. This person IS NOT necessarily good at music!


  1. Read over all of these Instructions FIRST!

  2. Make sure you have your agenda BEFORE you start!

  3. Click and open "SCIENCE RESEARCH LINKS" in a NEW tab.

  4. Click on "Gifted Links" all the way down at the bottom.

  5. Click on the link for the Learning Styles Inventory.

  6. Carefully and thoughtfully answer all of the questions.

  7. When you are done, a colorful chart will appear. JUst above the chart, as well as down in the lower left corner, you will see a long code.

  8. Open you agenda to page 141.

  9. In your agenda, write "Multiple Intelligences Code:"

  10. Then carefully record the code in your agenda. Make sure you write it so that you can CLEARLY read it in the future!

  11. AFTER copying the code, click on and open "VIEW THE RESULTS" at the top of the page IN A NEW TAB.

  12. Type in your code directly from your agenda. If you copied and read the code correctly, the same results page you saw before should  appear again.

  13. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN A ROOM WITHOUT A PRINTER: In a few days, you will be asked to go back to the results page and print your learning styles graph. If you did not copy the code correctly, you will NOT be able to retrieve your graph and will lose points on this assignment!!


    • Click on the pull-down menu that says "FILE" in the upper left-hand corner of your browser.

    • Make sure you select the CORRECT printer (get up and look at the printer in the room).

    • Then PRINT your results and go get them from the printer. Make sure you get YOUR results (check the code).

    • Write your heading on the lower left corner of your print-out.

    • Shade in the yellow "Interpersonal" pie piece, since this color does not show up on a black and white print-out.

    • Place your print-out in the correct INBOX or class file.

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