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This Week In
Mrs. Alger's Kindergarten Class


Wk of 12.11.2017

*BIBLE STORY:Jesus Birth
*MEMORY VERSE: Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.  You and everyone in your house.  Acts 16:31
*THEME: Food
*LITERATURE:Sweet Potato Pie
*MATH: making and taking apart a number
*LANGUAGE/WRITING: Listen attentively and respond to a story, generate and identify rhyme, make connections, match upper and lowercase letters, position words, blend onset and rimes to form simple words, speak and write a complete sentence, identify characters, identify nouns and verbs in a sentence, blend sounds to form words, recognize compound words, identify and use number words, use phonemic awareness to sound out words
*SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: Food Groups, Christmas

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