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Adam Matz
Web Developer

My name is Adam Matz - I am 24 years old, currently residing in Overland Park, KS. Growing up on a farm taught me a lot about dedcation and work ethic to accomplish goals throughout my life.

Being a Web Developer is something that I have always wanted to achieve. Developing is limitless on what you can do and that is what sparks my ambition to get better acquainted with many different languages.


Skills Test

This test includes languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and AJAX.

Skills Test is to test the knowledge of potential employers during their interview process. The results are shown to leads of the department to show who is capable and prepared to be in the enviroment of the shop.

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HMB Real Estate Project

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My Expertise


I design in the browser with HTML, CSS and a touch of JavaScript. I am able to create code from scratch and also work with front end frameworks such as Bootstrap.

Problem Solving

Being challenged is the best way to grow as an individual and learn the process. That is why I like to combine patience, determination, and persistence when approaching problems.


I love and thrive to work in a team enviroment where I can be able to interact with other. But, I am also able to work independently to achieve personal goals.

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